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Yola's Story.

I grew up in Indonesia, a beautiful tropical archipelago filled with diversity in its nature and people. It is known as the largest Muslim country in the world. Through Divine Providence, I was raised in a loving Christian home. And in 1996, the Orthodox Church was finally introduced and became an official sect of the Christian religion in Indonesia. The first and closest Orthodox mission church in Indonesia was located fifteen hours away from my home town! Undeniably, I am now forever grateful to be able to attend the Divine Liturgy with just a thirty-five-minute drive away. This Holy Cross community is my family. It is difficult to imagine how my life would be otherwise. The beautiful souls I have encountered at Holy Cross have helped me grow to be a better person. I am deeply humbled to be a part of this family.

I am in awe to witness the miraculous journey of this church from its inception until now. Without a doubt, the Lord has shown us time and again how much He loves us. Selfless parishioners serving in the committees and council paved the way in making our goal of building a church a reality. Thank you to all of you! Listening to the financial report on how much was collected thus far for the building fund was shocking! How is it possible that this small community, that had already paid-off the land purchase in Kernersville, raised over $430,000 for the building fund and maintained an annual operating budget? This is extraordinary.

Prayers are lifted at church and in the homes for continued blessings on our endeavor to build our church. Let us remain strong as we progress toward our goal.

With much love in Christ,

Yola (Anna) Hattle
Founding Member

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