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Tom's Story.

For many years I was unchurched although baptized as a Lutheran. My father passed away early morning Christmas Eve Day 2004, and soon thereafter I began visiting mother every fourth weekend until she moved in with my sister the summer of 2011. During that time I began taking call and rounding on our patients in the hospital every other weekend. As several of my patients were Greek I was aware of Orthodoxy, and one of my patients gave me my first icon, which she said was the Theotokos and was made in Greece.

I began reading about Orthodoxy, including Father Peter Gillquist and Frederica Mathewes-Green. I read the Orthodox Study Bible New Testament and Psalms for several years before the complete Study Bible was published in 2008.

I do not remember when I first saw the Holy Cross sign and subsequently the website. So I had been reading about Orthodoxy and using Orthodox prayers for several years when mother passed away in the spring of 2013. That summer I attended Inquirer's class and was Chrismated on Palm Sunday 2014.

An ancient faith worshiping as the first Christians, with the wisdom of the Ecumenical Councils and church fathers, unchanged over the centuries, rang true to me. I believe most of my former Greek patients know that I am Orthodox now.

I think the most compelling thing about Holy Cross is that Holy Cross was here at this time and place when I was searching. Very few towns have an Orthodox Church, so finding one in your own backyard is pretty amazing! I have learned a lot about the early church through the Orthodox Liturgical calendar and reading about the Saint of the Day. And now I look forward to when we will celebrate the Divine Liturgy in our own church.

Tom Jarrett

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