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Let Us Share in the Joy of
Building a New Church Together!

Our parish was established to be a beacon of Holy Orthodoxy, offering English-language services to all people of all origins in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. God has blessed this mission! Since our founding in 2006, we have welcomed dozens of new Orthodox Christians into our midst. Our flourishing church school and youth group help our children grow in fellowship, service, and love of their faith. We have outgrown the temporary home we have leased for many years. The time has come to create a home of our own, and we are journeying together on the path to building a new church!

This website is designed to chronicle our journey which officially began in November 2015 with the launch of the Raising the Cross Capital Campaign, and will continue through all phases of the Building Project.

Ways to Donate

In addition to donating directly via the link above, we have compiled a number of ways to donate toward building our new church, some of which actually cost nothing!

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Our Parish and Our Plan

Learn more about our church, our parish growth, our building plans, anticipated project costs, and our capital campaign.

Explore our brochure offering an introduction to this exciting project and our journey to this point.

Watch Father Christopher's presentation on Orthodox Church Architecture over the millennia and today, and learn how Orthodox Theology shapes the way Orthodox churches are built.

Your Questions

View some Frequently Asked Questions about our campaign.

We are eager to hear any other questions you may have, and we will post these along with answers as they come in. Please see the Contact page to send in questions.

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